Why web designers/developers should use SiteCrawl

18th March 2012

As a web designer you know that creating a beautiful site is only half the battle. You clients come to you for creative, professional looking websites that work properly- both today and in the future. Luckily, you don't have to do everything on your own. SiteCrawl is an innovative tool that will help you combat broken links. Let's take a look at a few of the many benefits of SiteCrawl.

Find Broken Links - Broken links can really distract from a website. When you create websites you aren't just creating a place to post information- you are designing an experience. Using the SiteCrawl tool will help you to find and fix broken links before ever showing your client their new site. This means that they will be able to enjoy a great experience when they take your new design for a test drive.

Analyze No Follow Status (and Boost Page Rank) - See your site through the search engine's eyes. The best websites are designed for the reader and search engine alike. Something that looks great in the browser might have problems lurking deep down. For example your link could be returning a 400 or 500 status code and we all know how quickly those codes send the search engines running in the other direction. SiteCrawl also shows you what links are picked up on the page allowing you to make sure all of your code is working as you intended. SiteCrawl is like a flashlight that will guide you through the dark tunnels of link juice, page rank and search engine optimization.

Make Sure Anchor Text Lines Up - Don't you hate it when a link appears with the wrong anchor text? This tool will help you fix the problem. In addition to seeing where pages link, you can also check anchor text to make sure everything is lining up perfectly.

Find Out Which External Links You Are Linking To - The SiteCrawl tool will also help you to see what external links the site is linking to. Once again this is vital information for preserving and increasing the page rank value of a site.

Check Pages Blocked by Robots.txt - Blocking pages with Robots.txt can be tricky. Did the code work properly? Is the page really blocked? With SiteCrawl it is easy to make sure that the pages you want blocked from the search engines are actually blocked.

Increase Profits by Offering Ongoing Link Checking Services - As you can see SiteCrawl is all about helping you (and your clients) to create the best web experience possible by keeping track of your links. A one-time check will help, but it isn't enough. After all, we are talking about the internet and the internet is always changing. Another benefit of this tool is that you can offer it to your clients as an on-going service. More profits for you and a better website for your clients. With SiteCrawl we all win.

Start using SiteCrawl today, signup for free and start finding those broken links

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