SiteCrawl open to the public!

27th January 2012

I am happy to announce today, that Site Crawl is now open to the public.

SiteCrawl allows people to easily check their websites for broken links, not only that, but you can trawl through the structure of your website ? find pages with too many links, slow pages, anchor text used between pages and find which external domains your linking to.

Users can register for a free account by visiting the home page and get started right away. We do encourage people to contact support if they have any issues or suggestions. This can be done by clicking on Contact at the top of the site. Over the coming weeks, we?ll be looking to add an API to people to easily create and check the status on scans, as well as improve the status page to provide more information at a glace.

I hope you like using SiteCrawl.

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