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22nd February 2012

A couple of really exciting new changes have been released this week.

The first is the addition of the API & Tools page to the account area, this will contain the API key for when the API is released but right now the page contains two bookmarklets.

These make adding crawl tasks really simple! Simply drag the links to your browsers bookmark bar or menu, then whenever you are on a page you want to crawl click the bookmark item. This will create the task and the crawl will start happening right away!

Two bookmarklets have been created, one to crawl the site your on, and one to crawl just the links of the page your on. You don't need to be logged in for this to work.

More work has been done on the advanced search, it now allows you to find pages that have a link pointing to it based on anchor text, or if the link is follow/nofollow. This allows you to look more closely at the anchor text used on your site, and how are you modifying the link juice based on nofollow.

The other useful change this week is all the links in and out of a page are made visible via a paging system. So if you have 10 or more links in our out, then you can simply click the next page to see all the links.

All of these features aim to make SiteCrawl the best link analysis application.

Thanks for using my tool, any feedback please leave a comment

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