A Busy Week On SiteCrawl

9th February 2012

I've spent a busy week adding and tweakings things to SiteCrawl.

Recently I've had 30 people setup accounts, run some crawls and provide feedback. Based on that the following has been done.

The dashboard and task index pages updated.

These are now more useful, you can see at a glance the progress of a running crawl, and see how many errors it's picked up.

Optional checking of nofollow links.

When you create a crawl in the backend, you can specify if you want SiteCrawl to check any links marked as 'nofollow'.

NoFollow links visible in reports.

If a link had a nofollow attribute, this will be shown in the report area. When you click the link in/links out, there will be a (nofollow) beside the url if that link was rel=nofollow.

Increase links in/out report.

This was increased from 5 to 15.

A few fixes were also released.

Sidebar button fixed / sidebar position.

This was an issue effecting a some browsers and also running at larger resolutions.

Show the page it's linking to.

When you clicked on the external link count in the report, it was showing the wrong url.

Thanks again to all those who have had a play with SiteCrawl. I am trying to make this the best url checking and link analysis app. Coming soon is an API, ablity to search for nofollow and links by anchor text.


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